Alex Primus consultants expertise include a combination of best practice from Western and Russian management, proven methods and innovative new techniques. Our activities cover all markets, however we’re most proud of our experts work in the dynamic areas of the economy.

Our industry expertise includes:


- Production, processing, service

- Chemistry

- Energy sector

- Metallurgy

- Equipment

Real Estate

- Investment and development companies

- Construction companies

- Operating and maintaining companies

Consumer markets & FMCG

- Household goods and chemistry

- Electronics

- Food products

Federal retail chains

- Food products

- Clothes and shoes

- Hardware

- Cosmetics and pharmaceutics

Functional expertise:

CEO/Board Services

- Chief Executive Officers

- Board Directors

Corporate Officers

- Corporate Communication Directors

- Sales Directors

- Financial Officers

- Human Resources Officers

- Directors of Public Relations

- Marketing Officers

- Supply Chain Directors

- Investor Relations Officers

- Legal Counsels

- Government and Regulatory Affairs Officers

- Risk Officers